“When the large predators and prey go extinct, not only do they shrink, but they fundamentally change their diet and start scavenging to become the opportunists we know today,” DeSantis says.
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What Does a Saber Tooth Tiger Look Like?  – Saber Tooth Tiger Description
Positives:Positive onePositive twoPositive three Negatives:Negative oneNegative twoNegative three With its ludicrously two long canines and a dun-colored coat the saber tooth tiger appears ...
Saber Tooth Tiger Extinction – Extinction Facts, Date, Year, Causes
Let me take you back to Ice Age, 1.8 million years ago when the whole world was witnessing surprisingly huge yet wonderful beasts. Giant sloths, American lions, rhinoceroses, saber tooth tigers are ...
Saber Tooth Tiger Facts  – Top 20 Most Amazing Facts
The saber tooth tiger or Smilodon refers to the prehistoric big cat that had existed during the last ice age some 12,000 years ago. Scientists usually call them Smilodon although they are also called ...
Saber Tooth Tiger Size – How Big were Saber Tooth Tigers?
Saber tooth tigers (Smilodon) were just about the size of modern-day big cats except for slight variation that is the saber tooth cat’s protruding front teeth as well as robust built body. Scientists ...
Saber Tooth Tiger
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